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Дом Стивена Роджерса [Бруклин] 0.1

Captain America: Occupying 100 square meters, the loft’s sense of space was achieved by using burned cement bricks to compose a uniform space that climbs up to the ceiling and continues to be shaped along the mezzanine walls. This cement display was coated with a special impermeable resin for water protection. Living spaces downstairs are composed of a high-ceiling living space flooded with light from a glass wall and the kitchen and integrated dining space. A stair leads to the mezzanine, where this semi-private space displays an outspoken combination of bedroom, bathroom and closet. This was the perfect solution to enlarging the area and offer a completion of the downstairs living space. Дом находится в Бруклине, замаскирован голограммой под склад. Фото: [more] [/more]

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